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Each client is unique, and so are your needs! The list below is just a sample of the services I offer.
When you are ready to take the next step, we will discuss exactly what your needs are and how best I can support you.

Discovery Call

Let’s spend 30-minutes getting to know each other. I’ll learn about your processes and we will diagnose your specific needs. I’ll help you dig deep and figure out exactly what, and how, to outsource and free up more time! Book Here

Get Started

We’ll sign a simple contract, discuss terms and get started. My on-boarding process makes it simple to start delegating. Isn’t it time to get some of the mundane off your plate? What will you do with your time?

Administrative Services

Email Management
Copyediting / Proofreading
Formatting Documents
Data Entry
Creating SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
Preparing and sending out client invoices
Creating forms/reports

…and more!

Organizational Services

Email organization
(Let’s get that inbox to ZERO!)
Managing CRM
Appointment scheduling and calendar management
Electronic Filing
Creating/managing spreadsheets

…and more!


“When I first started working with KARE, I felt embarrassed by my books. My business paperwork was random post-it notes and pencil-to-paper jumbles of sales in and sales out. I didn’t truly know how much of a mess I had made of things until Amy came to my rescue, with zero judgment but full of confidence we would figure everything out. 

Amy took everything in stride and helped me get organized, both electronically and personally. What she didn’t know, she learned, and what I didn’t know she provided. Hands down, hiring KARE Virtual Administrative Solutions has been a game-changer for my business. I’m more confident and secure in my business and far less worried about behind the scenes day-to-day workings because I know Amy has my back. I would (and have been already!) recommending her to everyone I know!” 

Kelsey Connell
Owner and Founder Potions

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